"Personhood" Amendments are dangerous.  They punish women who are victims of rape and incest who become pregnant by these violent acts.  Politicians and government should not be making decisions about our personal lives.
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The proponents of Colorado's so-called "Personhood" measure failed to collect enough signatures to appear on the November ballot, but they aren't giving up. On September 27, the Colorado Personhood Coalition, the proponents of Colorado's so-called "Personhood" movement, filed a lawsuit challenging the Secretary of State's ruling.

If the proponents don't get on the 2012 ballot, they'll be back in 2014. In fact, they are already talking about 2016 and beyond. "Personhood" isn't a campaign -- it's a movement.

The NO Personhood Campaign needs you to stand with us.

Even though "Personhood" won't appear on the November ballot, the fight isn't over. Until you explain "Personhood," people have a hard time believing that politicians and the government would still do the following:

  • Ban abortion for victims of rape and incest. 
  • Open our medical records to investigate miscarriages.
  • Interfere in a family's personal decisions about fertility treatments.
  • Dictate the kinds of birth control we use.

"Personhood" is losing momentum in Colorado. The proponents are collecting fewer signatures and claiming help from fewer volunteers. Every time you help someone understand how dangerous "Personhood" would be, you help keep the government and politicians out of a woman's personal decisions about her pregnancy.

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Victory! Yesterday we learned that the so-called "Personhood" Amendment would not appear on the November ballot. Coloradans didn't sign their petitions. According to the Secretary of State, they failed by almost 4,000 signatures.

The amendment doesn't respect Colorado families and Colorado values. But, the people behind the so-called "Personhood" movement just don't get it. In today's Denver Post, they say, "We are confident we will still be on the ballot in November."

The proponents announced they've hired a lawyer.

It makes sense. Their amendment puts politicians, lawyers, and courts between a woman and her doctor...

so now they are going to court.

So, the NO Personhood Campaign remains vigilant.

The so-called "Personhood" Amendment is dangerous. We'll keep watching. We'll keep you posted. We'll keep fighting with you for Colorado women and families.

Ever ready and ever vigilant,

Your NO Personhood Campaign

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Insufficient: Colorado “Personhood” Amendment Fails, Coloradans Win
Proponents Fail to Gather a Sufficient Number of Signatures to Certify for the November Ballot


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ---August 29, 2012 Contact: Crystal Clinkenbeard, NO Personhood Campaign, Communications Director 720-989-7693 (cell)

Denver, CO (August 29, 2012)—Today, the Secretary of State of Colorado ruled that the proponents of the “Personhood” Amendment were 3,859 signatures short of qualifying for the general election ballot.

“Every person who refused to sign the proponents’ petition stood up for Colorado families and values. The NO Personhood Campaign stands with them,” said Fofi Mendez, Campaign Director, NO Personhood Campaign.

The measure has steadily lost momentum since 2008. Each year, fewer people have signed the petition to put the measure on the ballot, and Coloradans have voted against it by three-to-one margins.

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Among much more, the "Personhood" amendment would ban emergency contraception and punishes women who are victims of rape or incest.  Together, we can defeat this dangerous and far-reaching measure.


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Together we can beat the so-called "Personhood" Amendment. Your donation will help protect personal family decisions, and stop an amendment that punishes victims of rape and incest.

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