What Might Spousal Support Cover?

Spousal support is a legal requirement for many people going through a divorce and is meant to provide financial assistance to the spouse who is in a weaker financial position. But what exactly does spousal support cover? Keep reading to find out what might be included in a spousal support settlement.

What is spousal support?


Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a court-ordered form of financial support paid by one former spouse to the other after a divorce. The purpose of spousal support is to help the recipient spouse maintain the same lifestyle they were accustomed to during the marriage. It’s also meant to help one spouse become self-sufficient if they cannot make a living on their own.

When a couple divorces, the court may order spousal support, depending on the specific circumstances. Generally, the court considers the marriage’s length, the differences in the couple’s incomes, the lifestyles the couple enjoyed during the marriage, and the ability of each spouse to earn a living. The court may also consider the age, health, education, and employability of each spouse when making a decision about spousal support.

Spousal support can be a complex legal issue. It’s in each spouse’s best interest to consult with an experienced family law attorney, such as this law firm specializing in Maryland spousal support, to ensure the appropriate arrangements are made. A family law attorney can help the couple understand their rights and obligations and negotiate an agreement that’s fair to both parties.

Alimony can cover home maintenance and repairs.

When it comes to alimony, home maintenance and repairs can often be covered as part of a spouse’s alimony award. This can include issues like roof repair and replacement, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC repairs and replacements, as well as any other major repair or maintenance items the home may need.

When deciding what repairs and maintenance issues should be covered by alimony, it’s necessary to consider the specific needs of the home. For instance, a roof repair may be an essential repair that needs to be done right away by an experienced roofer like this Pittsburgh roofing company. A damaged roof can lead to several serious issues like mold growth, water leaks, and pest infestations.

Generally, courts will allow for repairs and maintenance that are necessary to keep the home in good condition. This can include things like roof repairs, plumbing repairs, and the like. However, the court may not allow for cosmetic renovations or upgrades that are not necessary for the home’s function and upkeep.

Spousal support may include monthly living expenses and lifestyle expenses.


Alimony is also meant to cover the monthly living expenses and lifestyle expenses of the receiving spouse. This support may include but is not limited to, rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, food costs, transportation costs, insurance costs, and other monthly expenses. In addition, the court may consider lifestyle expenses, such as recreation and entertainment, clothing, and other discretionary expenses, when determining alimony payments.

Normally, the court will consider the standard of living the couple enjoyed during their marriage when making these determinations. Considering the standard of living means that the court will look at the kind of lifestyle that was maintained during the marriage and will try to ensure the recipient spouse is able to maintain a similar lifestyle, to the extent that the paying spouse is able to do so.

Overall, spousal support is an important legal consideration for many couples going through a divorce. It can provide financial stability for both parties involved by covering costs such as housing, utilities, food, and medical expenses. It also serves to maintain a certain standard of living for the spouse who is not the primary breadwinner. Ultimately, spousal support is an important part of the divorce process and should be considered carefully by both parties.

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