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5 Essentials Every Dog Owner Should Have

Adopting a dog is a great joy to the entire family, but it’s also a huge responsibility as well. From taking your new bundle of furry joy to the vet to ensuring they have only the best dog food out there, there are quite a few essential items you should have as a beginning puppy parent. In this article, you’ll find a few of the most essential items you need for your new pet and why.

Leash & Collar

A collar and leash are the first things you should get when shopping for your new furry friend. It’s best to invest in one of the best no pull dog harness options out there for quite a few reasons. While carrying your pet to the car is certainly an option, it can get uncomfortable for you and your pet.

A collar and leash combo is more comfortable for everyone involved and it’s safer as well. A dog harness that has a no-pull leash can also prevent you from injuring your arm and shoulder, especially if you’ve adopted a larger dog.

Camera or Smartphone

While having a camera or a smartphone isn’t necessary, a good quality camera or smartphone is the best way to get high-quality photographs of you and your new best friend.

And if you’re really into taking photos, you could purchase a photo saver like the IBI smart photo manager. This way, you’ll be able to upload photos of your family and your new pet to the cloud and share them with family and friends. I mean, who doesn’t want pictures of their new dog?

Crate or Kennel Option

There are quite a few debates going on over whether crating a puppy is a good idea or not. While there are pros and cons to having a crate for your new dog, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. A crate is most often used to potty train a dog and if used the right way can easily become a space where your dog goes to feel comfortable and able to relax.

Purchasing a crate is also a good idea if you don’t want your pup running the house unsupervised when you have to be away from home. Roaming can lead to potty accidents, chewing disasters, and much more. Giving your pup their favorite chew toy while in the crate can help as well.


Just like humans, every dog needs their own bed. Whether it’s a small dog or a large dog, they should have a comfortable place to sleep when they’re ready to do so. If you choose to purchase a crate for your dog, then you should ensure the bed you buy fits comfortably inside.

Food and Water Bowl

Your growing puppy is going to be hungry a lot of the time, so a high-quality food and water dish that won’t slip and slide across the floor is a great idea as well. It’s best to purchase a ceramic food and water dish, as many dogs think of plastic dishes as toys. Dishwasher safe is also a really good idea for ease of use and cleaning.

Identification Tags

Identification tags should be high on your list of priorities for your new pup. You want a way for someone to get in touch with you if your dog were to become lost.

These are just a few of the essentials that you need when you’re a new puppy owner. From a crate to a camera and from a bed and identification tags, these things are essential. After you have them, give your puppy love and loyalty and he will easily return the favor.


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