4 Ways Your Doctor Wants You To Take Better Care Of Yourself

There are few things more important than taking care of your health, and being proactive about your care is one of the best ways to stay safe. As we all continue to deal with the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to be careful and to take extra steps to protect yourself and those around you. However, while some health threats are obvious, there are many other areas of concern that often go unnoticed by people trying to take better care of themselves. Not only that, but your vigilance about your health should continue even after the pandemic ends. If you’re wondering what else your doctor wishes you were doing to take care of yourself, read on for four great ways to get started.

1. Pay attention to current health threats, such as COVID-19.


The most urgent public health issue right now is the ongoing spread of COVID-19. Due to the seriousness and potential fatality of the virus, most governments and businesses have implemented safety regulations for the general public to follow for the foreseeable future. If you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or are concerned you may have been exposed to the virus, make sure you find the best location to obtain COVID-19 testing near you as soon as possible. Vaccines and antibody tests have become widely available in most parts of the United States, so talk to your doctor about where you can get vaccinated if you haven’t already received one. The COVID-19 vaccine is free and available to all Americans, regardless of their insurance status.

2. Take care of your teeth.


Though most of us don’t enjoy going to the dentist, it’s more important than you might realize. Ignoring dental pain can mean that a cavity gets worse to the point that you need a root canal or to remove the tooth entirely by the time you visit the dentist. Not only that, but certain types of dental infections can even have life-threatening consequences. While many see going to the dentist as a hassle, you can even find a mobile dentist now who can help make taking care of your teeth even more convenient. It’s easy to forget about or procrastinate when it comes to your yearly dental checkup, but you could end up paying the price later.

3. Be proactive about protecting your health.


Creating a health and wellness routine that addresses your unique health issues and needs is one of the best ways to protect yourself. You can talk to your doctor or to a nutritionist about designing a healthy diet to support your health goals, and you can use different types of supplements to address any deficiencies. Many people use supplements like natural diuretics to address common problems like bloating, puffiness, and swelling. Products like SwellNoMore can be a positive addition to your wellness regimen, and help to manage your comfort day to day.

As with anything you plan to your routine, talk to your healthcare provider and see if they think there are any supplements or vitamins that might be right for you. If you start a new fitness routine and find that you’re experiencing pain, don’t continue, as you could end up with a more serious injury. Talk to a professional who can help you work out without pushing yourself too hard and too fast or putting your body at risk for an additional medical condition.

4. Don’t neglect your mental health.


When many people talk about health, they focus on physical problems and how to solve them, but caring for your mental health is just as important. There are many ways that your mental health can impact your physical health, and many mental health conditions have physical symptoms. Not only that, but poor mental health can affect everything from your work performance to your ability to maintain healthy relationships. With the advent of teletherapy and even chat therapy available on your mobile phone, it’s easier than ever to connect with a professional for talk therapy or a psychiatrist who may be able to help if you need medication to treat a mental health condition.

COVID-19 has become an immediate threat and made all of us think more carefully about our health. Right now, making sure you follow all the CDC precautions and protect yourself and those around you is a necessity. Beyond being aware of the large scale threats to your health, it’s important for you to take care of all aspects of your mind and body. Dental care is often ignored, but there can be serious and even life-threatening consequences to ignoring symptoms of dental problems. Supplements and healthy habits can help prevent a myriad of issues, as can a healthy diet. You should also always include your mental health in any wellness plan, as it intersects with your physical health in more ways than you can imagine. While it can be an investment of both time and money to be proactive about taking care of your health, it always pays off in the long run.

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