5 Ways to Spruce Up a Vacation Rental

Every new season offers a prime opportunity to spruce up your rental property—and you don’t need to break the bank or dedicate a whole week to do so. To prepare your vacation home for summer travelers, here are five simple ideas to refresh your space and give guests a memorable summer retreat.

1. Make property management a priority.


Every successful vacation homeowner knows that when guests are traveling, they want things to go smoothly. Whether your travelers are embarking on a business trip to Los Angeles or a family vacation to NYC, they expect all the comforts of home—and more. As a rental manager, you’ll need to provide exceptional service to maintain your online reputation.

Whether you’re a vacation homeowner struggling to balance guest services with property management or you’re looking for custom interior design services, Vacay AZ, a full-service management company that specializes in property management vacation rentals, has got you covered. Vacay AZ understands the ins and outs of vacation rental management, which can help you increase your revenue and distinguish your vacation rental as a luxury getaway for potential guests.

2. Bring the outside in.

It can be difficult to spruce up your vacation rental, as different people have different tastes in home decor and artwork. Fortunately, houseplants seamlessly blend with most interior designs—and they’re the perfect way to add a pop of color to a dull space. Large houseplants like birds of paradise can breathe life into the dark corners of your rental property. Meanwhile, combining smaller options like air plants and succulents with eclectic planters helps add flair to your space.

With live plant delivery from Lively Root, you can incorporate fresh greenery, flowers, and succulents into your space. Lively Root features beautiful orchids in a wide variety of colors and beginner-friendly plants like snake plants, allowing property managers to instantly transform their space with stunning houseplants without breaking the bank. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, leaving a colorful bouquet with fresh flowers is sure to wow any travelers that pass through your vacation home.

3. Add an accent wall.


First impressions are essential—and adding an accent wall can impress your guests the moment they walk through the door. Repainting the walls in your vacation rental can give the space an updated look, but an accent wall can take that one step further.

Accent walls are single walls that are painted with a bold color or wallpapered with a unique pattern. By distinguishing one wall from the others, you’ll be able to make the area stand out and highlight unique pieces of decor. As a bonus, accent walls can also help turn your property into a prime location for Insta-worthy photo ops.

4. Swap out curtains for the new season.


When it comes to interior design, curtains can be an afterthought. However, curtains can make a significant difference in your rental by determining how much light comes into the room and affecting the room’s style. In other words, swapping out your curtains for the new season can dramatically change how your space feels.

To choose the best curtains for your rental, start by deciding how much light you want to enter your space. If you’re changing curtains for the summer season, opt for lightweight fabrics like linen. Meanwhile, if you’re choosing curtains for the winter, consider heavier fabrics such as polyester.

5. Invest in faster WiFi.

When it comes to choosing a vacation property, many guests prioritize a reliable Internet connection. Upgrading your WiFi connection typically only costs between $10 and $20 each month, and it can be a key distinguishing factor for many guests.

Whether potential guests are traveling for business purposes or they’re planning a family trip with teenagers who spend a lot of time on their smartphones, investing in faster WiFi can help boost your revenue and online reputation. Most guests appreciate a reliable Internet connection, especially when it doesn’t involve any hidden fees.

Even if you don’t have a background in property management, taking steps to prioritize your business and spruce up, your rental property can contribute to your success.

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