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From Collections to Family Law: A Look at Different Legal Fields

Lawyers are highly educated legal experts who counsel their clients, prepare legal documents, and present court cases. A lawyer may have a legal practice, be part of a law firm’s legal team, work as a state attorney, or be employed by a corporation.

Lawyers are required to earn a bachelor’s degree before earning a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. After earning their J.D., attorneys must pass the bar exam to be licensed to practice law. Attorneys can specialize in several legal fields, including collections law, family law, and corporate law. You must understand the different legal specializations to ensure you hire the best attorney for your legal needs.

Personal Injury


Personal injury attorneys prepare legal claims on behalf of individuals injured in an accident. If you’re in Louisiana, whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or an accident in a public building, it’s crucial to hire a New Orleans attorney with experience filing these types of cases. These attorneys will be familiar with relevant case law that can be used to build your case. Your lawyer will gather information by filing subpoenas to access relevant documents or video footage of your accident. Your attorney will also talk to witnesses. You’ll also receive guidance about the medical data you should gather to build your case.

Your lawyer’s objective is to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries. They may be able to help you negotiate settlements with insurance companies and any parties who may be responsible for your accident. Like most lawyers, reputable injury lawyers typically offer free consultations to potential clients. This means you can receive some legal guidance before deciding which lawyer to hire and be confident you have a solid legal case before pursuing a lawsuit.

These lawyers may also provide legal services for those who’ve been injured in a workplace accident. They’re also equipped to file wrongful death lawsuits if a person has been injured in an accident.

Family Law


Family lawyers are most commonly associated with divorce cases. You may hire a family lawyer when filing for divorce or fighting to resolve custody issues. These lawyers can also help negotiate the division of property following a divorce, file child support claims for their clients, and file for a change of custody if there are violations of custody terms.

Family lawyers also assist individuals who want to adopt a child. The parents and child must file legal papers and appear before the judge to finalize their adoption.


Collections lawyers may represent individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. They’re hired to obtain the money that a creditor is owed. Collections lawyers contact debtors and try to arrange payment of their debt. Your collections law firm may file a lawsuit on your behalf to secure a judgment. Once the courts have rendered a judgment, the debtor becomes a judgment debtor. It’s easier to take legal action against a judgment debtor. Your lawyer may be able to initiate proceedings to have their wages garnished to ensure you receive payment.

Estate Planning


Estate planning lawyers help people determine what will happen to their estate after they die. They prepare wills for their client that determine who will receive personal possessions, funds, property, and other items. An experienced estate planning lawyer will ensure you take the appropriate steps to minimize the amount of taxes your beneficiaries will pay. An estate planning lawyer can also take legal steps to assign your durable and legal power of attorney paperwork and prepare your living will. Taking these legal steps ensures you know who will make decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to make your own medical or legal decisions.

Corporate Law


Corporate lawyers work for large corporations. They review company documents and protocols to ensure the corporation complies with applicable state and federal laws. These lawyers may suggest specific wording in company documents to mitigate liability risks. They can also file lawsuits on behalf of the corporation or prepare a defense if the company issued.

There are several different types of lawyers who practice in multiple legal fields. Common types of lawyers include personal injury, family law, collections, estate planning, and corporate lawyers.

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