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Home Repairs and Renovations You Should Do Before Listing

Listing your home for sale or rent can be a stressful time for those looking to cash in on their real estate investment. There’s often a measure of uncertainty that creeps into the real estate business, and this isn’t made any simpler by the fast-paced movements that often occur in large and small cities all around the United States. Whether you hope to dip your toes into or expand a rental business for you and your family or are simply moving homes into a bigger or better space, there are some essential upgrades that you must consider before listing the property.


Home renovation is a huge industry in the United States; Americans spend more than $400 billion collectively every year on home upgrades. Useful home improvement projects ahead of a sale or rental listing should come as no surprise, then, as a staple among typical wisdom from realtors and other professionals in the real estate industry. Here are some things you should take care of before listing.

Start with clearing out the space.


Searching for ‘storage units near me’ is the best way to clear out a home ahead of renovation projects or a listing on the real estate market. Doing away with the clutter from your own living habits will make a huge difference when thinking about upgrades that would benefit the sale or rental price point of the home. Without your furniture and decorations taking up space within the property, you can focus on the aesthetics and features of the home unvarnished by the inclusions that come along with living in a space. Evaluating the bare bones of your home will help you identify any major renovation work that has gone unnoticed, perhaps for years.


Clearing out the space also gives your realtor access to the best parts of the home that may have been covered over by the life you’ve led in the home. Allowing your real estate agent to stage the home can give viewers a look at how the space might be used. Professional staging by your realtor is also done to allow for an open view of the space so that possible tenants or buyers can envision their own stylistic elements in the home as well.


Realtors love to include framed pictures, recliners, and smaller chairs rather than sofas, and a floor plant or two to create an airy, open space that feels inviting while remaining somewhat sparse at the same time. Plants are a great addition to any home and are incredibly important when it comes to the staging of the property. Viewers can see a life within the walls with the addition of some green elements that really make the walls and rooms pop with energy.


All this is made possible with the strategic use of a storage unit. Securing one with climate control and moisture reducing measures can be accomplished for a low fee and will make all the difference when it comes to shifting your property on the open market.

Consider tackling larger, essential projects like the roof.



Roofing issues, old windows, and aging carpets are among some of the main offenses that viewers have to deal with when considering buying or renting a property. A home might present a lovely façade and a beautifully laid out interior, but without a proper covering to protect all that lies within, a new tenant can’t be certain that their livelihood and belongings will be protected for the long haul. These issues can be expensive to fix if you don’t do your homework, and this potentially large expense is often reflected in the offer from anyone still interested in the home after learning of the additional work that’s necessary. Looking through Leesburg VA roofing companies to find an outfit with years of experience that you trust is the best solution for a sagging, leaking, or an aging roof.


Your roof is designed to last around 20 years before requiring a replacement, so even homes without current roofing issues but are covered by a roof that’s approaching this milestone are at risk of lowball offers when prospective buyers make an approach on the home. Replacing your roof in the years leading up to a selling opportunity is the best way to go. This way, you get a few good years out of the roof and can utilize it as a selling point in order to raise the asking price and recover some of the costs of the replacement.

Think about quality of life upgrades to boost the price.



Whether you plan to list the home for sale or rent, introducing stylistic upgrades like a luxury kitchen or hardwood flooring is a great way to boost your price point. The difference between a luxury home and an average one is in these little details, so getting them right can increase your profit margin by a huge figure. Quality upgrades include marble countertops, larger vanities in the bathroom, hardwood floors throughout the home, and even a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Paint is an easy one to accomplish; you can often start and finish a smaller home over the course of a single weekend. The introduction of a stylish new color choice has been shown to increase your home’s final sale price by thousands of dollars.


Listing your home takes a certain amount of strategizing. Consulting with a real estate professional is often a great idea when approaching a big move like this. Real estate agents work tirelessly to understand the market trends and current pricing structure, and they pass this expert knowledge on to their clients. No matter where you live, the insights gained from a consultation with a realtor can help you make decisions on whether to include these renovations and which projects to skip over altogether. Home upgrades done with this strategy in mind can really boost your home’s value and the health of your wallet in the process. Make sure to do your research, and discuss your options with real estate and contracting professionals locally in order to target the perfect home upgrades that will make your home pop when it hits the market.

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