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How to Find the Best Therapist for You

Going to therapy will provide you with an incredible outlet for your emotions and fears, but the relationship with your therapist is extremely important to your success. The right therapist will make you feel understood, heard, and accepted, and he or she will provide you with valuable tools that you can use every day. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect therapist for you.

Ask Friends For Recommendations

If you know a friend or family member sees a therapist in your area, ask them if they’d feel comfortable sharing their therapist’s name. A close family member might not feel comfortable with you both seeing the same person, but if that’s the case, you can ask their therapist for recommendations of other professionals. Many therapists are unable to take on every client who is looking to work with them so they’re used to being asked for recommendations. Once you have a few names of potential therapists, you can check out their websites or look them up using the free online resources on Learning a bit more about each therapist before you go for a session will help you determine who would be a good fit, especially as you learn more about what they each specialize in. If you’re having trouble with your marriage, you’ll want to go to someone who has experience in that area. Do your research before you start to call anyone.

Use An Online Search

If you don’t know anyone who can offer a recommendation, try a simple online search to find a therapist in NYC. You can do a Google search or check out the American Psychological Association’s online locator. Read reviews of each therapist and make sure he or she is a licensed professional. You’ll also need to check each therapist’s costs and if any visits will be covered by insurance. Ultimately, the right therapist might be worth spending a little more money, but you should still factor the cost of each session into your decision. If you’re still nervous about going to therapy, you might want to search for group sessions. Attending a group can put you more at ease and help you learn more about the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist before attending individual sessions. In whatever way you decide to start attending, make sure you learn more about your therapist’s practices and beliefs. This will help you determine if you’ll be a good fit together.

Don’t Be Afraid To Keep Looking

Once you’ve found a therapist, you might feel like you’re finished, but sometimes, people stay with the wrong therapist simply because they feel bad searching for a new one. They don’t want to hurt their current therapist’s feelings or they dislike the idea of starting the search over. As hard as it might be, if you don’t feel like you’re clicking with your current therapist you should continue to search. Having a therapist with whom you can build an excellent relationship will make a huge difference in your progress. Your therapist understands that you need to find the right person and will not be offended if you decide to work with someone else. You might even find that you’ve done great work with your therapist but have gone as far together as you can go, at which point you’ll want to find someone else to work with you. All of this is perfectly normal and expected.

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