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How To Use Crunchbase To Research Your Competition

If you’re looking to research your competition, Crunchbase is a great tool to use. With Crunchbase, you can view a company’s funding history, employees, and other key details just like James McRoberts did, co-founder of Aston Technologies. You can also see which companies your competitor is partnering with and view their website and social media profiles.

Type in the company name of your competitor into the search bar.


Crunchbase is a website that contains information on businesses and investors. It can be used to research your competition to see what businesses they are investing in, what products they are selling, and how they are performing. To use Crunchbase to research your competition, type in the company name of your competitor into the search bar.

Crunchbase will then show you a list of results for that company. On the results page, you can see a summary of the company, including its location, website, and industry. You can also see a list of the company’s investors, as well as a list of its products and services. You can also see how the company is performing by viewing its financials, such as revenue, employees, and funding. You can also see how the company ranks compared to other businesses in its industry. Crunchbase is a valuable tool for researching your competition and getting a better understanding of their business.

Click on the company’s profile to view its funding, employees, and other key information.

Crunchbase is a comprehensive database of startup and tech companies, containing data on funding, employees, and other key information. It can be used to research your competition to see what funding they have raised, what technology they are using, and how many employees they have. This information can help you determine your competitive landscape and make more informed business decisions.

Crunchbase includes data for both private and public companies. For private companies, Crunchbase includes information such as the company’s funding, employees, and key partnerships. For public companies, Crunchbase includes information such as the company’s latest news, products, and key executives.

Why is it important to monitor your competition?


One of the most important aspects of any business is to be aware of your competition. By keeping tabs on what they are doing, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your business remains successful. There are a few key reasons why it is important to monitor your competition:

  1. To learn from their successes and failures: Every business makes mistakes, and by monitoring your competition you can learn from their mistakes. You can also learn from their successes, and find out what tactics they are using that are working well. This information can help you improve your own business.
  2. To stay ahead of the curve: If your competition is doing something that you are not, you will lose out. It is important to stay up-to-date with what your competition is doing so that you can make changes to your business as needed.
  3. To identify new opportunities: When you know what your competition is up to, you can identify new opportunities that may be open to your business. For example, if your competition is expanding into a new market, you may want to consider doing the same.
  4. To build a stronger brand: When you are constantly competing with someone, it can actually help to build your brand. People will start to see you as the top dog in your industry, and this can help you attract more customers.
  5. To stay motivated: It can be hard to stay motivated when you are working hard on your business, but it is much easier when you have a target to aim for. Monitoring your competition will help to motivate you to work harder and achieve even more.

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