What Is a Purim Party?

Many people have heard of bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, as well as Hanukkah, but not as many people have heard of the Jewish celebration of Purim. Based on a story from the Book of Esther in which the Jews were ordered to be killed but then were saved, Purim is a holiday that is perhaps one of the most exciting and unexpected when it comes to ways to celebrate. The holiday is typically celebrated on either the 14th of March or April, depending on how the Jewish calendar falls. While traditional Purim celebrations usually involve food, gifts, recitations, and prayers, more and more people are finding even more unique ways to celebrate and cut loose. Read on if you're interested in some of the best Purim party ideas out there.

Get A Good Costume

In the Biblical story that Purim stems from, God was hidden before He saved the Jewish people, so many people dress up as a way to celebrate the holiday. If you're wanting to encourage some exciting and extravagant costumes, one way to up the ante at your party is to have a costume contest. By giving out prizes like ribbons or medals, you can get more people to participate in dressing up just by incentivizing the activity. You may also want to hire a photographer or rent a photo booth to encourage party attendees to dress their best. Often, having a photo to commemorate the event will also make more people come to your party in costume.
Hire Fun Entertainment

Even though the evening will end with a traditional meal and prayer, there's no reason that the day's festivities can't feature some extra fun from an entertainer. A clown can be a great way to get party-goers excited about the day, engaging with the little ones by making balloon animals or putting on a show. You can even hire a clown to pass out kosher cotton candy as a treat to your guests.

Give Your Guests Something To Do

Purim is all about coming together to celebrate and rejoice, so think about different activities you can give your guests to bond together and have a good time. For example, if you're hosting an event for older adults, offering some retro fun by supplying a couple of arcade games from the 1980s can make your event a big hit. Maybe you're looking for more family bonding out of your activities, in which case you may want to pick out a non-electronic game like table tennis for teams of two to play against each other. If you've got younger kids coming to the event and are worried they won't wear themselves out by dinner time, a bounce house or ball pit can be a big win. Tiring out the kids so that they sit still during the recitations that night can be difficult on a day with so much excitement so it's never a bad idea to lean on a carnival game as one more way to get them to expend their energy.

Ultimately, how you choose to celebrate Purim is up to you. Some people choose to theme their parties, while others let guests come as they are in the costume they want. From eating and drinking to playing games and reflecting on life, there's always plenty to do at a Purim party. While the holiday itself is known as the most fun celebration in the Jewish tradition, that doesn't mean that going the extra mile to make your party fun isn't necessary. On the contrary, your guests will expect it, so it's best to come prepared with some good Purim party ideas.

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