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4 Positive Aspects of Menopause

Menopause affects every woman differently with its hormonal changes. That doesn’t mean they can’t approach those changes with the same mindset. The good news is that menopause comes with years of experience handling some of life’s biggest issues. This stage of your life can have some definite upsides despite typical menopause symptoms. There are four positive outcomes that you should pay attention to.

1. It’s a time of change.


Everyone goes through times of change, and menopause is no different. Though some changes are unwelcome, like menopausal acne, there are several changes that are positive, including how you approach an acne breakout. Often, your treatment area is more than just a dermatologist’s office, but rather a community of people facing adult acne together. It’s a time for you to meet other menopausal women and build some friendships through the personal information that you share during this time. These communities will face blackheads and other skin problems together. You‚Äôll start to change into someone who helps others. Hopefully, a permanent result will be that you are able to change for the positive.

2. It’s a time for the things you love.

Not only should you look for positive change, but this is an alert to make time for the pleasurable things in your life. Yes, you‚Äôll have to deal with irritants, potential menopausal acne, and possibly unwanted hair, but that can‚Äôt be what your time is spent on. Reconnect with people. When you get a call from an unknown number, figure out who it was. It‚Äôs not that hard to learn how to find out who called you. It could be a friend you‚Äôve lost touch with but have meant to reconnect with. Take more walks. Visit New York or other places across the United States you‚Äôve wanted to. The bottom line is that this is a good time to reflect on the things you enjoy and to make sure you’re spending time on them.

3. Ability to Focus on Your Health

It’s true that your hormones will be altered during this period of your life. Androgen levels rise, while estrogen levels diminish. Instead of concentrating on hair growth, consider how you focus on your health. Visit a spa and get laser hair removal, but don’t stop there. Have them treat other skin conditions you might have. There’s no better time than now to address those rashes or inflammation that have plagued your sensitive skin.

This is also a good time to start exercising more. Making your body more active will help regulate your hormone levels, and you‚Äôll also just feel better. Though focusing on your health is important during all stages of life, during menopause, it’s particularly important.

4. Pregnancy Free Sex


There is a belief that women of the menopausal age group don’t enjoy sex. This is simply false. Many of them don’t want to have children at this age, and that makes sense, but it has created a stereotype that women don’t enjoy intercourse as they age. They do, but the risk of getting pregnant still exists later in life. The fear of getting pregnant after menopause drastically reduces because, in most cases, your body no longer can get pregnant. Women are able to fulfill the important role of intimacy in their life with less restraint of pregnancy.

Though it’s common to focus on the negative potential side effects of menopause, they aren‚Äôt the only aspects of your life that will change. Take hormone imbalance, wrinkles, adult female acne, and other issues, and try to see the better side of them. You‚Äôll have a better quality of life and genuinely be a happier person.

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