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What Should You Do After an Auto Accident?

Each day, hundreds of people are affected by auto accidents in the United States. Whether you’re in a motorcycle crash or a car accident, you may suffer from physical injuries or property damage.

In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that three million people sustained injuries in auto accidents. Car accidents cost billions in property damage and medical costs, which is why it’s crucial to take the steps outlined here if you’ve been in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or any other type of crash.

Gather as much information as possible.


Ideally, the first thing you’ll do after your accident is collect relevant data, unless your injuries prevent you from doing so safely. You can use your smartphone to photograph the scene of the accident. Take pictures of the license plates of other vehicles involved in the crash. Make notes about critical details, such as the sun’s direction or traffic lights that weren’t working correctly. All of these details are crucial in a lawsuit or when filing a claim with your insurance company.

Gather information from the other motorists. Collect their names, contact information, and insurance information. You may also want to take down contact information for any eyewitnesses at the scene of the accident. Get as much information as possible to ensure you have all the data you need to handle the potential medical and legal issues the accident could cause. You should also notify your insurance company about the accident.

Call the police.


You must contact the police if anyone was injured in the accident. Injuries may not be readily apparent, so it may be best to assume injuries and contact the police just in case.

State laws also set property damage minimums that determine when to contact the authorities. It’s a good idea to call the police and ensure a police officer reports to the scene. The police officer will produce a police report, which could be crucial if you have issues with an insurance company or file a lawsuit.

Contact a personal injury lawyer.


If you’re unsure about what to do after a motorcycle crash or car accident, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury attorneys specialize in providing legal services to people who’ve been affected by accidents. An experienced attorney will fight for your legal rights and prepare a personal injury case to ensure you’re compensated for any medical attention you require after your accident. Your attorney will advise you of the next steps you should take to protect your legal rights.

Seek medical attention.

Whether you receive medical care before or after contacting an attorney, you must see a medical professional. Take all recommended medical tests to ensure your assessment is thorough. An accident can cause spinal cord injuries, back pain, and other serious injuries that require expensive, long-term medical treatment or physical therapy. If you have a serious injury causing chronic pain, you could pursue minimally invasive pain management education to familiarize yourself with treatment options to manage or reduce your pain.

It’s also possible you won’t detect injuries for up to 48 hours after your accident if you have whiplash. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries people who’ve been in a car accident experience. Whiplash can cause several symptoms, including neck pain, low back pain, dizziness, and headaches.

Many people who are in car or motorcycle accidents are affected by mental health issues. Many accident victims have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Whether you were struck by a negligent driver or in a weather-related crash, your trauma could affect your ability to use a vehicle or return to work.

Physical and mental health issues can affect your quality of life. You may qualify for compensation to cover the expenses of counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other medical treatments required due to your accident.

Purchase or replace items you need after the accident.

You may be able to secure compensation to replace your vehicle and any personal property that was damaged. The insurance company representing the driver who was at fault may offer financial compensation, or you could proceed with your personal injury case to ensure all your expenses are covered.

If you were in a motorcycle crash, you might need to replace the grey wide calf boots you were wearing. It’s also possible you’ll need to purchase clothing or medical devices, such as a neck brace or walker.

You must take appropriate steps after you’ve been in an auto accident, such as gathering data, calling the police, contacting a personal injury attorney, and seeking medical treatment. Once you’ve had a comprehensive medical evaluation, you may need to purchase medical devices or replace property damaged in the crash. Your attorney can advocate for your rights and, if necessary, file a personal injury case to ensure you receive appropriate compensation.

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