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What Are the Best Industries for Career Women?

For women set on successful careers, there are more options than ever. Women are succeeding in real estate, business, and the healthcare industry alike. While any ‘best industry’ declaration for women is subjective, there are three industries giving women great job security and a healthy work-life balance. Times are hard for everyone right now, but career women are making it work well. For three industries that are working well for women in spite of a global pandemic, read on.

Real Estate and Business


Real estate is moving fast because of the global pandemic. Many women are finding luck in real estate. Whether it’s by working with a property management company like Venterra Realty Management to place professionals in corporate housing, or by working in their hometowns selling new homes to those looking to escape the city, the field of real estate is a good place to be. Maybe you’re thinking of a high-demand career and aren’t afraid of hard work but want to help people. Joining the Venterra team would be a great way for any woman to improve people’s lives in addition to improving her own.

The same as real estate is booming, jobs are opening up in businesses across all industries. Due to the pandemic, small and large businesses alike are restructuring and finding new spaces for women interested in a career path in management, marketing, and even remote work on the global market. A new way of reaching customers, businesses are using the internet more than ever to enhance the customer experience and to offer more options during the pandemic. The great news is that women are taking advantage of it and finding new jobs in the business.

Healthcare and Medicine


Many women will tell you there are dozens of reasons to work in the healthcare field. From making a difference in patients’ lives to helping out during the Covid-19 crisis, more and more women are turning to healthcare occupations as great options for future career growth as well as the ability to make a difference now.

For women who don’t have medical experience, they can still get into the healthcare field with jobs in coding, working in a doctor’s office or clinic, taking care of health care records, or working as home care aides. There are plenty of opportunities for women in hospital or healthcare administration, too. For this reason, many women are returning to school for master’s degrees with eyes on the great benefits, high average salaries, and plans to help the aging baby boomer population in the near future. Others are having luck as pharmacy technicians, medical transcriptionist, and working in hospital labs.

Social Work and Helping Professions


Other career women are enjoying their work in the social services and aid industries. By working closely with the community, they’re using their skills to help their friends and neighbors get through the pandemic. Jobs as social workers, therapists, police officers, and in crisis centers all provide a sense of pride in knowing you made a difference at the end of the say. From Covid-19 tracers to women working overnights in residential facilities for the mentally ill or elderly, the number of jobs in the aid fields is nearly limitless.

At the end of the day, every woman is different. What might be the perfect industry for one person won’t be the same for the next. Consider perks, job opportunities for growth, salaries, vacation time, health benefits, and more before deciding the right industry for you. Whether your goal is to make a difference, earn a hefty paycheck, or work hours that allow you to be home with your kids, only you can decide which industry is a good fit for you.

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