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How to Involve Family Members in Your Proposal

Planning the perfect proposal can be a lot of fun. It can also seem stressful if you aren’t sure what to do. If you’re close to your partner’s friends and family, one thing to consider is including them in your plan to pop the question. Whether you enlist the help of the future bridal party or ask Grandma for her blessing and heirloom ring, by incorporating your partner’s family, you’ll be sure to find endless ideas and possibilities if you’re looking for ways to incorporate your bride-to-be’s family, read on.

Heirloom or Vintage Jewelry


One of the most sentimental ways to include family in your proposal is through using a vintage engagement ring or using a vintage gemstone from a family heirloom to build a custom vintage ring. Maybe you or your partner’s grandmother has a vintage ring that’s been passed through the family for generations. Using that ring or stones from another piece of sentimental family jewelry for a center stone on a custom ring, you can honor a family member by using their antique jewelry.

If you don’t have vintage gems in your family but are still hoping for an antique ring, think about searching for ‘vintage diamond engagement rings‘ and meeting with a jeweler to find that perfect antique, yellow gold, or platinum ring. All antique rings have a story and making it part of yours could add up to one romantic happy ending.

Asking Family to Help with a Surprise Proposal


You don’t need to use your family’s antique engagement ring to include them in your proposal. Instead, stop to think about the people in you and your partner’s life who might want to ring shopping with you or be there when you pop the question. Maybe you struggled with an addiction to prescription drugs, and your mother and aunt spent years Googling things like ‘if your teen shows signs of drug use‘ and were the ones to get you help. Perhaps your partner’s parents went out of their way to support her hobbies and dreams. Considering how you can show your family your appreciation, you might come up with ways to include them in your big day.

The best way to get your family involved in your proposal is by telling them you plan to pop the question and asking for ideas around how you’ll ask your life partner to take your hand in marriage. You might be surprised what they come up with, who’s willing to hold the camera, and who has the best idea for how to surprise the person you hope to spend forever with.

Getting the Bridal Party Involved


Some people are close to their families of origin, while others believe in chosen families they pick for themselves. If you’re someone who considers your friends and chosen support system family, consider getting them involved in your proposal. Do the same with your partner’s friend network, too. One way to do this is to consider the bridal party. Do you already know who your girlfriend would choose as her matron or maid of honor? If so, consider giving them a call and asking if they’re willing to help you plan a proposal for your sweetheart. From helping you design a custom ring to let you use their RV for a proposed road trip, your family of creation could be the ticket to a proposal she’ll never forget.

Including Pets


When thinking of ways to include your family, don’t forget your pets. Maybe your partner has a favorite pup who could help you lead your future bride on a walk to a tree where the ring’s hidden. Perhaps your cat could offer your partner a catnip package with a ring in the bottom of it. What about a fish tank with a special treasure chest at the back of it? The ideas are limitless when you think about including your pets. If your partner is an animal lover, consider how you can honor that.

How and when you propose is really up to you. When soliciting input from family members, be sure the plan feels comfortable to you and is something you think your partner will be happy with. By including family and asking for suggestions, you’ll likely find a well of great ideas that will make your proposal something the entire family will talk about for years. Good luck to you with the big question!

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