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The 2021 Gift Guide

We’re now in 2021! Can you believe it? It’s time for the official gift guide for 2021. Here are some gifts that we think anybody will like, whether they be your special someone, a family member, or just a friend. Whether it be something innovative, timely, and expensive or if you’re looking for something easy just to say thank you there’s a gift for everyone. We’ve got you covered, so look no further. Here’s the gift guide for 2021.

A Smoke Odor Eliminator

Do you have a friend who enjoys the occasional CBD joint or cigar? Someone who you love to visit, but the odor of smoke in their home keeps you from hanging out too often? If you want to help out a pal who has the odor of smoke in their upholstery and all over their flannel pajamas, you might want to consider a device that eliminates the smoke odor completely.

The Veil is a smoke odor eliminator, and it’s used to mask the smell of smoke. It doesn’t just mask the odor, though‚Äîit breaks the fragrance down on a molecular level. The innovators at Veil have been working with chemists who have over 30 years of experience developing other notable household items. The Veil works for marijuana smoke, but you can also use it as an odor eliminator for cigars or cigarettes. If you think someone might be able to use air fresheners as a gift because their carpet has a certain smoke odor to it, this is a great choice.



You can never go wrong with a simple pair of pajamas as a gift for someone; pj’s are always a great gift no matter what time of year. A pair of some comfortable pajama bottoms make a great way to say thank you and show your appreciation to someone you care for. If you’re giving a winter gift, maybe flannel pajama pants are a good choice, while a summer gift might be a lightweight robe, some lingerie, panties, or bras. Remember, loungewear should be comfortable so don’t get something with a waistband that’s too tight.

MPG Premier Play- Bluetooth Headphones


If you haven’t heard the craze about Apple’s Air Buds it’s time to wake up and hear the music. Luckily, in 2021, if you’re an Android type of person we have a treat for you. MPG’s Premier Play- Bluetooth Headphones with noise cancellation are the new hassle-free earbuds with the latest high-quality technology. They’re also lightweight and sweat-proof.

The Online Masterclass


With the pandemic ongoing due to COVID-19, a lot of schools have shut down and it doesn’t look like they’re opening anytime soon. But, with Masterclass, you can take an online course with experts in 85 different types of classes. Maybe you’re just interested in gifting your friend or loved one a cooking class because they could step their game up a bit. Either way, this is a great way to gain skills and stay busy.



You can always give the gift of a t-shirt to a friend or loved one. You can easily go on the internet and pick out one of their favorite TV shows or movies and ship it to them. Next time you’re in need of a last-minute gift, don’t forget about the option of giving a t-shirt.

Video Game System


Give the gift of a brand new video game system for the new year. The PlayStation 5 just launched and, although it’s pricey, any video game lover will greatly appreciate and love you to the moon and back for gifting it to them. That being said, the PS 5 is very hard to find, with many stores reporting back-orders and unavailability.

Whether your friend is the type of person who loves the warmth of a set of fleece pj’s or needs an odor eliminator to mask their smoke smells, there’s a gift for everyone. Think of the details of your pal’s personal information, and you’ll be sure to know which gift is right for them.

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