Wearing Jewelry at the Dental Office

Dental offices across the United States provide high-quality care for their patients. Some of the more common procedures that they undertake include tooth extractions, dental implants, and brace treatments. Highlighting the importance of these medical professionals, approximately 65 percent of adults over the age of 18 visited dental facilities in 2019.

When visiting a dental facility, it helps to not wear jewelry. We’ll dig deeper into why dental employees and patients shouldn’t wear certain jewelry.

Dental Office Workers


Many people fear going to a dental facility. Though the result is receiving treatment that can lead to a great smile, there are a host of people who often shun dental services. The reasons for people’s fear of receiving such preventative care can vary. Some see such dentistry procedures as being invasive. Others see a dentist’s office as being cold and uncaring. Though many dental offices across the United States are filled with friendly staff who provide high-quality care, some visitors still get an off-putting vibe when visiting such offices.

When considering some people’s dental issues, dentist offices do their best to supply the best and most customer-friendly services for these individuals. One of the steps that dentists and dental assistants take to provide the highest quality of treatment is the removal of jewelry. In many cases, many dentists and other dental workers will remove any piece of jewelry that might be on their hands. This can include rings, bracelets, and timepieces such as Patek Philippe watches. In addition to effective hand sanitation, which is paramount, removing these pieces of hand jewelry can help when treating existing and new patients. At some dental training institutions, it’s recommended that these types of hand jewelry shouldn’t be worn by staff conducting clinical procedures.

So, let’s say that you’re a dentist or dental assistant who has recently bought a nice timepiece. You’ve scoured watchmakers to find the perfect wristwatch. Some of the brands that you’ve scoured through include a Patek Philippe Grand Complications wristwatch, a yellow gold Audemars Piguet mechanical watch, and a high-quality Patek Philippe Calatrava watch. Though it’d be nice to show off this new piece of jewelry to new patients and fellow staff alike, it’s best that you remove it. Your goal is to supply top-notch dental services. To help alleviate dental concerns and to deliver the best service, take off any hand jewelry that you might be wearing.

Patients & Tongue Piercings

Patients also must consider what pieces of jewelry to wear or not wear when visiting a dentist’s office. When visiting a dentist’s office like Great Smiles Dental in Surprise, AZ, try your best to make the experience as simple as possible. You’re probably visiting a dental facility for any number of services. Maybe you need dental implants, crown-cleaning services, or a root canal procedure. You don’t want to have your jewelry affecting the services that you’ll receive at a place like Great Smile Family Dentistry.

One piece of jewelry that can cause problems for you when visiting the dental office is a tongue piercing. A dentist might ask that you remove your tongue ring, along with any other mouth jewelry. This is often done in cases where intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is used during general dental services. Mouth jewelry such as tongue piercings can interfere with intubation. This procedure is important in the off chance that you stop breathing. For patients with tongue piercings or any other mouth jewelry, make sure to consult with your dentists about the comprehensive range of dental services that might be affected.

Patients & Earrings


When visiting a dental office, also consider not wearing earrings. In some cases, depending on the size of the earrings, they might interfere with the procedure being conducted by your family dentist. Even if the earrings are smaller, there’s a chance that they can interfere with dental X-rays. X-rays are often needed in cases such as cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatments, and orthodontic treatments. Make sure to remove your earrings before heading to your dental appointment.

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