4 Ways To Help Your Teen Reduce Their Stress

Adolescence can be a stressful period of a person’s life, as parents very well know. This is why it’s so important to give your teen support as they juggle school, socializing, extracurricular activities, and everything else that’s required to navigate high school and beyond. That being said, many parents simply may not know where to begin. If you want to help your teen thrive, here are four ways to help your teen reduce their stress.

1. Provide them with educational resources to make their educational journey easier.


If you have a teen who is a senior in high school, for example, they have a lot on their plate that they have to deal with. From local community involvement to applying for the right scholarship program (like the National Honor Society scholarship) to making sure they put in the hard work for a great GPA, there’s so much to do that it can be overwhelming. One way to support high school seniors is to offer them a membership to a stellar organization focused on their success as they pursue higher education. One organization that is heavily invested in the planning process and future of its members is the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). They offer a wide range of financial assistance (scholarships, FAFSA, etc.), guidance to keep its members’ grades in good standing and ensure student success, and even exclusive access to mental health resources so they can work through common issues that other honor society members and student leaders face.

When students have a support system and advisers to turn to during times of overwhelm, it can be very helpful for them as they move forward in life.

2. Emphasize the importance of self-care and provide them with a routine.

A lot of self-care just sounds like more work. The reality? Taking care of yourself is crucial to mental health, and many teens may not recognize this. Take, for example, exercise. Exercise can reduce stress and improve overall mental health. Even letting your teen walk to school in the mornings can do wonders for their overall outlook on life. They should also be getting plenty of sleep, eating right, and reducing unnecessary stressors where possible.

If you want to give them further support, you could always look for the best personalized vitamins to ensure they’re getting all the nutrients and health support they need in their day-to-day. No matter which vitamins or supplements are recommended by their doctor, a multivitamin subscription can help you get personalized, regular doses shipped straight to your door so you don’t run the risk of investing in low-quality products or running out any time soon. All their healthy habits begin in the home!

3. Teach them how to cope with stress in healthy ways.


Healthy coping mechanisms aren’t always obvious. This is especially true in households where parents may not have learned how to cope with negative emotions like stress. If your teen is struggling, reach out for external support like a counselor so they can discover which healthy coping mechanisms they need to deal with their feelings. These essential skills will be important now and later in their lives.

4. Allow them to take breaks and spend some time exploring what they love.

Everyone needs to take mental health days, even teens. If they’re struggling, let them take a day or two off and do the things they enjoy. Whatever it is they’re passionate about, they need to know that doing these things is important and that life is not all about work. Breaks are crucial, whether they’re throughout the day or they’re whole days off.

While it doesn’t seem like teens face as many problems when they’re younger, their stress is very valid. Make sure you’re providing them with the support they need using the four tips above!

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