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Common Maintenance Headaches and How To Fix Them

When you first move into your new home, you may be caught up in the bliss of homeownership. But this bubble quickly bursts when you learn of all the maintenance headaches that come along with this home and new city. With a brand new space comes new friends, neighbors, and, unfortunately, new problems.

Thankfully, these maintenance troubles (like high calcium, manganese, resin, or chlorine levels that contribute to an unfamiliar hardness in the water supply) don’t have to consume your every waking minute. Getting a handle on your home maintenance routine is actually quite simple and just takes some startup effort to get going. Just like meeting new people in your neighborhood, approaching these concerns head-on is the best way to get results.

When you’re new in town, issues that begin to pile up like this can become major stressors if you aren’t careful. But tackling these common troubles in a new home is the first step toward greater comfort and peace of mind in the real estate property you’ve worked so hard to attain for yourself and your family.

Poor Water Quality


Softeners and other water treatment products are a common sight in residential neighborhoods all over the United States. A clogged injector is a common problem when the water in your system has high iron content. Fortunately, there are a number of simple fixes here. The iron bacteria issue is a common one in residential enclaves across the country, but a technician can easily replace old or aging pipework or help you install a water softener in order to combat the problem head-on.

Air Conditioner Troubles


There are many potential issues that can arise in the air conditioning system. Clogs, debris, and poor airflow rate are all simple issues that can be resolved with just a quick fix, but if you leave any of these problem areas for too long, they can easily grow into unruly troubles that will stick with you and create major headaches for you and your family.

An air conditioning unit typically lasts around fifteen years, so a replacement is often far off in the distance. In order to extend this lifespan as far as possible, you will want to conduct routine maintenance here in order to ensure proper working order throughout the year’s seasonal changes. A technician can quickly diagnose any growing problems with a yearly check-in and provide feedback on any steps that might be required in the near future to ensure continued peak performance for the new season to come.

Flooring Problems


The floors in your home are often one of the places where new homeowners want to make immediate changes. Floors might be a little sticky, squeaky, or simply outdated. When you enter a new community, you will want to bring over your new friends for a housewarming party. This is only natural, but with old or mangled flooring covering the entire home, you might be a little hesitant to host guests during this exciting transition time that should be full of energy and friendship.

The removal of old flooring—or fixing issues in the foundation or base layer for squeaks or a bit of giving while walking—in order to create a comfortable and enjoyable space that you are proud to show off and relax in is a great way to ensure that your many years in the home are as fantastic as possible.

Fixtures like the flooring are one of those things that you will only have to manage once if you do it right the first time. The average American homeowner stays in a home for around thirteen years before moving into a new home that better suits their needs. If this fits with your own personal pattern, a hardwood floor installation will far outlive your time in the home and boost the resale value when attracting new potential buyers to take them home over from where you’ve left off.

Tackling these and other common issues is a great way to improve your quality of life in the new space you have chosen to call home. Removal of these hassles paves the way for a wonderful family experience without all the headaches that come along with homeownership.

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