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4 HVAC Upgrades Worth Considering

As a homeowner, you know that your monthly energy bills can be largely affected by your air system. Whether the air conditioner or heating system, your units get consistent use throughout the year, making both large expenses on an ongoing basis. However, there are small tactics you can use to make your home more energy-efficient, including some upgrades that have huge financial benefits. Here, we will look at four HVAC upgrades you can consider for both your family’s health and comfort, and for savings on your utility bill.

1. Consider a smart thermostat for your home.


The first upgrade you may consider is, perhaps, the most cost-efficient, as it doesn’t require a new system at all. New technology has introduced a popular controller for your heat source and HVAC: the “smart thermostat,” which is adaptable to whatever model HVAC you already have installed. With a “smart” programmable thermostat, the digital interface is not only easier to read and program, but the most impressive feature is the device’s ability to adjust your home’s temperature level on its own, using pre-programmed preferences and internal sensors that predict what comfort level you may enjoy.

Many homeowners constantly find the common cause of thermostat issues with either their HVAC or heating system to be that the AC unit or furnace continually switches on and off due to its age. A programmable thermostat that’s remotely adjusted can fix that issue instantly. In addition, on many of the best smart thermostat models, you can utilize a mobile app to manually adjust the warm air fluctuation, or any airflow changes, in real-time. Of all the HVAC upgrades out there, this option also has a relatively low installation price.

2. Install a zoning system for your family’s comfort level.

Another common problem many homeowners have to deal with regarding their air conditioning unit is the likely scenario that one room’s temperature is completely different than another, much to the discomfort of your family members. To solve this issue, one of the most popular air conditioning system upgrades is the installation of a “zoning system,” allowing you to control the airflow temperatures in specific areas and rooms of your house individually. This is one of the best ways to ensure everyone is comfortable at the same time, doing away with a common cold and hot spots, and focusing your unit’s energy in the rooms that need it the most. Aside from being significantly more energy-efficient, a zoning system can save you a bundle on your energy bills.

3. Consider a dehumidifier for better air quality.


If the indoor air quality of your home is an additional concern, or you have any family members with allergies or asthma, a portable dehumidifier may be a good idea for one or more rooms. However, there are also options for a whole-house dehumidifier if the health concerns are serious enough. Not only will this accessory unit help clear the air of humidity, but its benefits aren’t necessarily relegated to any specific season. In effect, you can run a dehumidifier year-round, and the portable versions have little effect on your utilities. No matter if you have a central air system or old-fashioned HVAC setup, this may be the best option as a perfect air quality complement.

4. A heat pump is a great year-round air system.

If your budget allows for a full air system upgrade, you may want to consider installing a heat pump variation. This relatively new technology is unique in its design, as both styles work to utilize the outside air and transport it through an advanced system of ductwork into your home. During the winter, a heat pump will take the outside’s cool air, warm it, and pump it throughout your home; likewise, the same unit can take the air from outdoors and cool it for you and your family during the summertime.

There are two basic forms of heat pumps: air-source and ground-source (also known as “geothermal”), and the difference in style also equals a difference in price when it comes to installation and maintenance. Great for energy efficiency, if you’re looking to modernize your home’s air system for the latest technology, while also saving money on your energy bills and increasing your home’s value in the long run, a heat pump may be the HVAC upgrade for you.

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