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How a Home Warranty Works and Why It’s Important

The real estate market is on fire right now, and if you’re looking to become a first-time homeowner it can be tricky to navigate such a hot market. After all, with many buyers offering cash or even waiving contingencies such as home inspections, it can be difficult to make a competitive offer if you’re not willing to give up a lot of your rights as a buyer or aren’t independently wealthy. That being said, even when you do get a home inspection done, there are plenty of times that things get missed or aren’t fully covered by your insurance policy.

While having an insurance policy protects you and reimburses you for costs related to major emergencies such as fires, floods, or hail, when it comes to fixing up appliances or other general wear-and-tear on your home, you might be surprised by how little is covered by your insurance policy. As such, fixing up even a nice home over the first few years can wind up being a costly endeavor on top of the added costs that come with owning property and being a homeowner in the first place.

Whether you’ve taken advantage of real estate services in Pittsburg, PA or Chicago, IL, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you may face these sorts of costs at a time when your budget is probably more important than ever. This is a case in which something called a home warranty can really be advantageous for you. Read on for more information about what home warranties are and how a home warranty company can help you.

How does a home warranty work?


Home warranties fill in the gaps for different aspects of your home that may break down or require service but aren’t covered by your general homeowner’s insurance policy. It’s worth noting that, even in a new home, you may find benefits from having a home warranty, since different systems or appliances need the regular maintenance of a technician who can turn up any number of issues. For example, you may get a home warranty plan specifically aimed at handling multiple appliances in your home such as your refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, or stove. If your dishwasher breaks down and it’s a covered item, you won’t need to worry about the cost of the contractor, since the service request can be submitted to your home warranty company which will cover the service fee.

Many of your home systems can also be covered in a system plan, which targets parts of your home like your septic system or hot water dispenser. In these scenarios, the warranty is there to repair and cover the costs of these costly systems. Just take a look at how much a tankless water heater costs, and you’ll quickly see the value of getting a warranty on your home!

How can a home warranty company help you?


Home warranty companies can help you by ensuring that you don’t break the bank when you first move into a home. Many companies, such as America’s 1st Choice Home Club, wind up saving their homeowners hundreds of dollars by fulfilling service requests each year. America’s 1st Choice Home Club offers plans that match every homeowner’s needs, such as their silver plan, which covers nine common household appliances, or their platinum and gold coverage plans which cover a broad array of systems and appliances. If you want to protect your existing budget as a homeowner and not get set back by an expensive repair or service call, a warranty company like America’s 1st Choice Home Club can be there with you every step of the way. Especially when you consider the low monthly payment a home warranty costs you, it’s easy to see how this peace of mind is worth the investment and added security.

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